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Tips and Advice for Successful and Safe Online Dating
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  5 Ways to Get the Best out of Online Dating  
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  5 Ways to Get the Best out of Online Dating  

5 ways to get the best out of online dating

Over the last ten years, online dating has swept through the world causing a revolution in the way we manage our romantic lives. Millions of people now use these services on a regular basis. They fit well into our busy lifestyles and make tracking down a soul mate much simpler. Personality tests mean you can jump straight to a list of compatible matches rather than dating hordes of inappropriate suitors before striking lucky ( The sheer number of people using the sites also means you can be more selective, as you know there are always more people you can arrange to meet. Online dating has effectively transformed our attitudes to dating and the way we find love.
But as a user of dating websites (, how can you ensure you get the most out of the service? Here are five foolproof ways to have the best possible online dating experiences…
Be honest
It’s very easy to bend the truth on the web. There have been countless horror stories about online identity crises, and dating-site users are understandably wary of being duped by fraudsters. Dating online means there is a delay between meeting online and meeting face-to-face, and trust takes longer to build than it normally would. Therefore, be sensitive to this issue and make sure you’re open and truthful from the word go. Don’t invent facts about yourself, knock ten years off your age, or leave out the detail that you have children. Eventually you will meet someone in person, and they won’t be pleased when they discover you’ve been dishonest.
Don’t move too fast
It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum of online dating and end up moving too fast. Just because you’ve been matched with someone for compatibility, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get on, get married and have children. Be casual and laid back in all of your messages, taking everything slowly and judging rationally before making big decisions. Also, make sure you don’t jump to personal, negative subjects, such as past relationships that have emotionally scarred you, for example. Stick to positive, chatty subjects for now, and then you can move on to the deep, emotional stuff when you’ve got to know each other better.
Be open-minded
Do not overlook someone because they support the wrong political party ( or have weird dietary requirements. To get the best out of online dating, you need to be accepting and open-minded. No one can be exactly the same as you, so don’t be put off by a small blip on their profile. Who knows, they might turn out to be the soul mate you’ve been searching for, despite their alternative taste in music.
Grasp every opportunity
Much as you need to be flexible in the matches you contact, make sure you’re also flexible in those you respond to. If someone contacts you, get back to them. The more opportunities you grasp, the more likely you are to meet the person of your dreams.
Don’t take offence
Because of the nature of online dating, people can be especially flaky on these sites. They won’t get back to you for a week, or they’ll suddenly stop contacting you altogether. It’s important not to be offended when this happens – there could be any number of reasons why they’re acting the way they are. If this happens, just quietly move on – there will be plenty of other more worthy profiles to scroll through!
Whether you’re in Bristol dating ( or in London dating, follow these five tips to get the best out of the online dating experience.



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